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  • drawing from observation
  • research and theory
  • cross curricular activities
  • abstraction and textural
  • critical theory
  • portraiture

Welcome to School of Thought

This website and learning resource is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and has specifically been designed for those coming into education, those within education, or those simply interested in learning new knowledge and learning techniques focused within the subject of Art & Design.

It reveals a comprehensive guide to the structure of how Art & Design is taught at KS3, 4 & 5 within High School or post 16 Further Education. This Educational Resource offers a genuine opportunity in practical and theoretical techniques; plus exercises geared toward expanding learning and thought strategies. The theoretical and practical concepts are broken down into simple step by step modelled examples, or bite size chunks of information, making it easier to allow access when understanding practical exercises or theoretical techniques like thinking skills much easier.

Any journey starts with the first few steps, before any destination is completed. So it is important to understand how to analyse art forms first before developing ones own ideas and art through different mediums. Meaning, one has to understand and appreciate art first, before creating ideas and art for the self.

The learning resource will build on relevant experience to create and progress an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the course structure, as well as coexist with any present studies. Similarly, the learning resource will assist teachers and students alike, including newly qualified teachers who come into the profession with limited resources regarding the nature and environment that education poses in personally developing professional development.

Included will be examples of mark schemes and the marking criteria for KS3, 4 & 5 which will also be covered and explained, including methods of assessment for the purpose of tracking and monitoring progress. Modelled examples of research, the layout and presentation will link to the use of thinking skills and strategies explained in this learning resource also.

I believe that it is essential that learners are empowered with the tools that enable them to achieve their maximum potential to boost their confidence, skills and self-belief, which will allow them to meet the challenges of the future as they take the path into higher education or the work environment. In-depth knowledge of inquiry and thought is the key to understanding any problem or obstacle confronted, as all individuals have the advantage of experiencing knowledge through learning; hence the name given to this website and learning resource “SCHOOL OF THOUGHT”.

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